NPR Ducati Summer Newsletter

Hi all,

Our Events page is getting revamped so I thought I would stick the newsletter on here for easy reference for What’s Going On.

28 July 2011

Been awhile since we put out an update, so here it is. Lots going on here at NPR Ducati World Headquarters. It’s hot, big surprise in late July here in Northeast Georgia, but it gives the water-cooler group a good conversation-starter. Let’s focus instead on riding activities:

The Big Deal lately has been the introduction of the Diavel and the Monster 1100EVO. Both bikes have been extremely difficult for us to keep in stock-a good problem to have I’m sure. If you haven’t checked out one or both, come ride our Demo bikes and see what all the hullaballoo is about. I understand Cycle World Magazine recently named the Diavel “Best Cruiser” of 2011. Good show. We knew you were on the right track.

Speaking of tracks, we will be hosting an NPR Ducati Trackday at Jennings GP the week after Indy. Trackday is Sep 4th, 2011. Space is limited, this is not one of those days where there will be 150 riders on the track getting in your way and causing red flags! It’s $150 bucks up to a week in advance and $175 if you wait til Sunday, and includes a home-cooked lunch! Vic’s pasta. More riding than you can stand. If you need help with bike transportation, bike prep, or would like advice on where to stay (we go down the night before so we don’t have to get up early) or what to do (Go fast, have fun), just give us a call at the shop and we’ll get you sorted. First timers and Novices welcome. We will have instructors at the track for those that need or are unfamiliar with the circuit. Here’s a link to the track itself:

The week after the Indy GP, you say? Why, what a good idea. Contact us if you are interested in tickets for the GP race, in the Ducati hospitality area, of course. It’s the place to be. No parking hassles, free espresso and biscotti, and all the kick-ass world-class racing you have come to expect from the coolest racing in Middle America. Cheer on hometown hero and Ducati Corse rider Nicky Hayden as he takes on the world’s best! You might even get Valentino to autograph your uh hat, or something. Weekend of 26-28 August, Indianapolis IN. If you are RIDING up, as all good moto-heads are, let us know and we’ll see if we can hook up. We will be taking the scenic route and making a looong day of the ride there. (Besal of course gets a pass and is allowed to trailer up as he usually takes some cool bikes with him.) Come by the shop if you have questions on this event.

NEW STUFF SATURDAY! Come this Saturday at 11am-1pm and welcome Lee and the crew from MOTUS USA. These adventurous folks are making an American motorcycle, the MST V4, here in the Southeast, in Birmingham AL. It’s a V-4, sport-touring bike and they are bringing it here to NPR for an exclusive look as the last stop on their country-wide tour before they head home and build bikes. This is a cool project-a brand spanking new idea. A world-class sport-touring bike (read that as not just another hd clone wankerbike). This is a comfy, sporty, 160 bhp bike you can stand to ride that’s made here in the us but doesn’t have to apologize for girth or make amends for a dud powerplant. Some of the most experienced names in the moto-automotive world are in on this, and the reception on the rest of the inaugural tour has been tremendous. Come check it out, give them your feedback! At the shop, 11am Saturday July 30. Links for the MOTUS Tour: . Some of the usual NPR crew will be going for a ride from the shop afterwards at 2pm if you have a hankering to put on some miles:) 

On the other side of the coin, the latest rage amongst the mildly adventurous around the shop is minicycle racing. The premise is that you take one kid’s dirtbike-in our case the brand H XR100/CRF100-and set it up for pavement racing. you can, of course, spend yourself in a hole, like you can with any racebike, but most of us have stayed with only the most necessary mods to make the bikettes pavement-capable, and as a result virtually all of the ten or so around the shop cognoscenti have less than a thousand bucks in their bikes-with the certain exception of Webmaster Rusty, (who is an inveterate rules-circumventer). But that’s another story. Anyway, we do mini-races with CAMMRA and trackdays at MGKT in Dublin GA. When was the last time you did a trackday for 45 bucks and rode 200 laps? Good cheap fun and great training for “real” bikes. If you’re competitive on one of these, you can expect to wax your buddies up in the mountains or at your local trackday or club race. This kind of stuff was pioneered by some guy in California named Roberts who scowls a lot. You may have seen him win some world championships on vicious two-stroke 500cc bikes back in the day. Or at St Elmo’s…Come and have some fun!   

Hope to see y’all this Saturday for the MOTUS event. Or very soon at the shop or on the road.


Flag Drop at Mini Racing!