NPR Ducati 2011 Roundup

As they year comes to an end and I draw some conclusions from this year, I have to be fairly satisfied. We’re on track to sell a fair number of bikes and things have recovered well, despite the mouth breathers on the news networks stirring up caca to alarm the addled and the abdication of our elected leaders from their responsibilities. In case the picture of Greg leaving Watkinsville isn’t clear enough, we’ve moved from our initial location to our de-lux new shop in the primo West Oconee venue. The new shop is more than three times the size, and we have big plans for every last square foot. Dirk has been busy building things and we have been updating our equipment in the back and the showroom, so expect a fresh new look and lots of cool stuff as well as quicker, more efficient service and air conditioning that actually works! There will be  an area to hang out and do Ducati things, watch races or surf, and of course free wifi.

Stay tuned and we’ll be bringing some cool new stuff to your NPR experience. We have some great rides planned for this year and lots of races and trackdays as well as the usual panoply of Ducaticentric activities. Of course, the new Superbike as well!

Happy Christmas!