March Events

March 2012There’s lots going on at the new shop-February was pretty busy and March is no different. Bikes are coming and going each week, so keep an eye out if you’re interested in something new to ride this year. My prediction is that this will be our best year EVER. And of course there’s the groundbreaking new 1199 Panigale coming your way soon-that will be an event not to be missed.

Events this month:

March 10 2 pm Aventura Returna!

Rusty and Jim are back from their Central American Odyssey/Multistrada Torture test. They will be having a meet and greet and exhibition and talk about the trip this Saturday, March 10, at 2 pm at the shop. For those of us that stayed in the wet cold January, it’ll be a chance to vicariously enjoy their adventure. If you have or want a Multistrada or have an interest in globetrotting, come and be entertained. If you can bring chairs, that would be great as it will be a full house!  It’s supposed to be 60 degrees with little chance of rain, so ride on out! This is a great way to experience why Adventure riding is such a fast-growing and rabidly pursued sport.

How about a link to (some of) the story?

March 17 1.30-6pm Daytona Race-Watching Party

Race season returns with the kickoff of the AMA race season.  The Daytona 200 and both Superbike races are being broadcast on Saturday afternoon. We’ll be clustered around the boob tube cheering on our friends and hoping to catch glimpses of Vic’s head above the madding crowd on pit row. Mirth and motorcycles ensue, with any luck. This will be a BYOB party-so if you have something special you would like to eat or drink, bring it with you. Umbrella girls are always welcome of course!

CAMMRA Round One Mar 31-Apr 1

Whoever thought races kid’s dirt bikes could be so much fun? We are off to Dublin GA to participate in the first race of the 2012 season with CAMMRA at MGKT. These folks are great supporters of the sport and good folks  too. Check it out if you’re interested in any of the following: A)low cost competition B)improving your riding skills C)introducing your offspring to a sane, fun race atmosphere or D)some combination of the three. Please, no “soccer Dads” or big egos. There’s links below for the orgs.


Sales and Stuff: In honor of Rusty and Jim’s adventure, Saturday the 10th of March we will have all Multistrada accessories and related items on sale. From Touratech Bags to SW Motech engine guards, these options really add function and style to your ride. See Paul, Dusty or Mike.

More News as we develop it. Block out the future dates for more cool motorcycle stuff you won’t want to miss: April 14, April  20-22, May 5-7.